The cryptocurrencies world is a breeding ground in which many promising and attractive digital projects are born every day. The implementation of these projects produces benefits and profits both to its creators and investors, as well as ordinary participating users.
Unfortunately, without a professional promotion campaign, many project even promising, simply do not live up to the implementation of the product, fading unnoticed.
Our team watched intently examining such situations and formulated main reasons why this situation is repeated again and again with different young projects:
* Platforms for the distribution are specific. Thematic forums, discord and telegram channels are those platforms which require significant personal participation from the promotion team. Also well-developed digital advertisement technologies (such as SEO, target and context advertising) are not applicable in it. * Cryptocurrencies world is an isolated and fragmented ecosystem in which promotion teams, promo customers (such as development teams) and investors do not have a sufficiently effective communication mechanism. This makes promotion campaign deals non-transparent and vulnerable to scam. * Project Teams often are not actually ready for continuous and serious promotion campaign. Instead of this campaign is carried out on their own, without the involvement of really competent professionals with the specifics cryptocurrencies competences. The conclusion is obvious – the lack of a ready convenient and open platform that would link together product promotion professionals, customers from among project developers and investors, seriously limits the cryptocurrencies world development. 
To fix this lack, we offer a simple and easily implemented solution without loud promises – to create such a platform based on the principle of uniting professionals under one roof, in other words – the Guild.
Promo Guild is a place where customers can consult and order services to promote their product from proven professionals. Unlike many projects where the interaction between project participants and the community is not significant, community is the Promo Guild foundation.
Truth be told creation such platform uniting customers and executors of the platform does not require large and loud ICO as long as continuous intensive development. To implement our idea, a kind of "job fair" will be created within the Promo Guild Workspace, where its own Promo GuilD coin (ticker: PGD) will be used for all deals and transactions.
PGD will be used to pay for all services provided as part of the product promotion by teams working on the Promo Guild platform. We've developed a simple, stable and functional coin without mining functioning in POS-mode only.
The significant feature of Promo Guild is that the PGD coin will be largely controlled by people interested in joint productive work such as promotional specialists teams and investors. Quality control of services, transactions and arbitration in case of possible conflicts will be carried out by the Promo Guild administration.
At the same time, to ensure that Promo Guild would remain a living platform, we'll make it open for discussion, friendly and convenient for beginners, sensitive to the wishes and suggestions of users.
Now few words about working principles, on which Promo Guild are going to be build. 
-=PRODUCTIVITY WORKSPACE=- The team involved in the project should be thought of as a single unit. Despite the different views on product promotion mechanisms, the customer and the promotion team should be interested in project success.
Successful promotion of projects will have a positive impact on the entire Guild, will increase the stability of the PGD coin, and therefore guarantees adequate payment for specialists services, regardless of external factors and the overall flow of investment on the site of Promo Guild.
In order to interest and motivate promotion teams, we’ve developed a mechanism in which the PGD coin will be largely controlled by people interested in working together – promotional specialist teams and investors. Such interaction of participants will help to achieve the highest goals.
The success of our participants becomes the success of the Guild.
The success of the Guild converts into participants profit.
-=CREDIBILITY WORKSPACE=- Trust between involved actors is the key to success in any deal or transaction. Unfortunately, the world of cryptocurrencies, which was created around the anonymity idea, has made scam a daily phenomenon.
To ensure that transactions are concluded and executed in an atmosphere of trust, we offer a control mechanism in which the Promo Guild Team will act as a escrow and deals guarantor of the transactions, vouching for each of the participating actors of the deal and performing arbitration if necessary.
Each of the participants makes high demands on their work and is responsible for the result.
Reputation conquered by the participants becomes Guild Reputation.
Guild Reputation converts into every participant’s reputation.

-=EFFECTIVITY WORKSPACE=- The most successful projects are those that rationally use their avaible resources and constantly improve their work processes. An objective assessment of the project promotion effectiveness is the invested funds and profits. This becomes possible when the formation of the price of the product promotion campaign becomes open, transparent and more market.
To do this, we implement a mechanism that will allow cutomer to create a request for promotion using the Request Constructor. Requests are creating using the Constructor working on the CRM.
The customer will be able to choose exactly those services that are required, describe the product, and if necessary, specify the budget. Request appears on the Workspace, where it can be accepted by promotion teams, competing with each other by price and deadlines.
The name of the coin: Promo Guild
Ticker: PGD
Type: POS
The number of POW blocks: 1000
Maximum possible number of coins: 50 000 000
Premine: 500 000
Master node Collateral: 5000
Distribution of awards: 50% MN 50% stakes
Block reward: 10
Number of confirmations: 5
Number of confirmations to miners (coinbase): 50
Unit time: 2 min
The Masternode system is a decentralized network of computers that serves the Promo Guild net. Masternodes perform important network functions and receive part of the rewards for the block. To run the masternode you will need a wallet containing 5000 PGD on the balance and few technical skills to perform simple steps composed in the guide written by the development team.
Masternodes serve the Promo Guild ecosystem, maintaining stability and security, as well as processing transactions, increase their speed and privacy.
Promo Guild masternode network supporting such additional features like:
* InstantSend – instant cash transaction through the trusted MN chain; * DarkSend – completely anonymous payment, passing through trusted MN chain. In the Promo Guild ecosystem, masternodes receive 50% of the reward. Thaat means that to buy and launch masternode is the best way to make a long-term investment by supporting the project and gaining control on the PGD coin.
The premined 500,000 PGD would provide the ability to launch up to 100 MN at the start, between which half of the reward will be distributed.
* 40 MN of these hundred will be sold to investors who decided to support the formation and launch of Promo Guild. * 20 MN will be sold at a discount price to promotion teams that have been registered. * Last 40 MN will remain in the development Fund of Promo Guild. They could be sold only with the agreement with the existing MN-holders. It guarantees the absence of emissions to the market of a large number of coins and the dump price. Management of the Promo Guild platform, strategic decision-making on development, own advertising and marketing programs will also be coordinated with the MN holders.
Respect of the Guild members' opinions is the basis of our credibility workspace. 
The cryptocurrencies world is filled with coins that seek to attract new users thanks to promises of sky-high returns on investment, and giant roadmaps filled with incredible results.
We are well aware that the best development ways of project which links together professionals and customers would be those that will demonstrate the effectiveness and mutual respect of participants:
The first is to develop the feedback from the Guild members and the Promo Guild development team. The support service created by Guild Team on the HelpDesk principle will work as a hotline, and in addition would accumulate growing knowledge base, technical guides and FAQ.
The second is to work by Guild Fundamentals declared before. The atmosphere of credibility, mutual assistance, transparent and hard work would serve as an excellent advertising platform for Promo Guild. The escrow and guarantee mechanism will help Guild to gain a positive reputation.
The third is to form Promo Guild Workspace as a tool for promoting promising offline projects. To ensure the transparent and secure support for offline projects promotion campaigns, KYC/AML authorization mechanisms will be integrated as long as direct communication with experts possibility.
To sum up let's see what benefits will give work at Promo Guild Workspace to all participants:
Promotion specialist teams will be able to easily communicate with the customer in a competitive environment. As well they get a coin, which stability will be ensured by their own work success.
Customers of promotion campaigns will be able to choose the most effective promotional services on a market basis at a competitive price, the execution of which is guaranteed by the Promo Guild team.
Investors will receive a promising and stable platform for investments. 
We hope that in two years the Promo Guild brand would be associated not so much with the cryptocurrencies world but istead of this with the specialists professionalism and the fundamentals on which we build our platform – credibility, efficiency, and interest in success.

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